25 03 2010

Here is another great tool



gapminder.com   – statistics data




25 03 2010

This looks interesting

Looking for my current book I am reading?

25 03 2010

Check the tabs below the title of the Blog… I am currently involved in Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee by Dan Brown, and I am excited to share it with you. The picture on the front of the blog makes me think about the book.

Chapter 7 from the book, Reading to Learn in the Content Areas

7 02 2010

In Chapter 7 the authors discuss the use of technology in the classroom and the way it compliments the students learning. I sometimes wonder what would happen if you find yourself in a teaching profession and the technology is clearly not available. I see the problem being bigger if the teacher has taught for a few years and using the technology in the classroom to help students. The result would be the teacher would become dependant on the technology too much. Then the teacher finds themselves in a new job, and finds themselves in the classroom with visibly a shortage of technological use.  Teachers will have to adjust their lesson plans with that type of scenario. Teachers will also have to realize that technology in the classroom is a  luxury not necessity.

Waking Up Online

4 02 2010

I have found a new way to share my information Read the rest of this entry »